Help Topics

Note: iData 3 has been replaced by iData Pro 4.

Section 1 - Introductory Help Topics

Tutorial (Getting Started With iData 3)
    iData 3 Basics
    Datafile Basics
    Label and Envelope Basics
    Telephone Dialing Basics

Using the User Guide for iData 3

License Agreement and Warranty

New Features in iData 3

Some Real-World Examples

iData 3 Version Change History

Section 2 - General Help Topics

Files and File Locations

Entering iData 3 Serial Numbers

The Datafile Window

Toolbar Navigation Buttons

Modifier Keys for Toolbar Buttons

Command Key List for iData 3

Changing Command Keys

iData 3 Services

Section 3 - Functional Help Topics

iData 3 Menu

Preferences - Updates

Preferences - General

Preferences - Modem

Preferences -Dialing

Preferences - Services

Preferences - Special

File Menu

New Datafile

Save Selected As

Create Sync File

Synchronize Datafiles

Remove Sync ID

Show Datafile in Finder

Export As - Freeform Datafile

Export As - iPod Notes

Export As - Tab-Delimited File

Export As - Text File

Export As - iData 2 Datafile

Import - Email - Apple Mail - OS 10.4-10.5 Mail

Import Email (Others)

Import - Bookmarks or Favorites

Import -  Entourage Contacts

Import - Tab-Delimited File

Import - Custom-Delimited Files

Import - Folder of Text Files

Import - iData 2 Datafile

Import - iData 2 Datafiles Folder

Import - iData Pro (v1) Datafile

Import - iData Datafiles Folder

Import - InfoGenie Datafile

Import - QuickDEX II Card Deck

Import - Text File as a Record

Import - Apple Address Book

Combine Datafiles

Datafile Settings

Print - (Batch Envelopes or Labels)

Print - Single Envelope or Label

Edit Menu

Paste as Plain Text

Copy Link to Current Record

Sort Datafile

Fields Sub-Menu

Records Sub-Menu

Activate Sub-Menu

Find Sub-Menu

Format Menu

Text Sub-Menu

Apply Default Font and Ruler to Selected Text

Apply Default Font Settings to Current Record

Apply Default Font Settings to All Records

Toggle Highlighter

Datafiles Menu

Set Datafile Hotkeys

Templates Menu

Working with Templates

Design Sub-menu

Actions - Edit Page (Envelopes)

Actions - Edit Page (Labels)

Actions - Edit Design

Select Menu

Selecting Records

Tools Menu

Date/Time Stamp

Dial Sub-Menu

Grab Web Address

Insert Link to File or Folder

Insert Link in iPod Note Record

Activate Web Address Links

Deactiveate Link in Field

Remove Links in Selected Text

View Menu

Customize Toolbar

Switch View

Show Record Information

Go To Record Number

Window Menu

Clone Current Datafile Window