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New Datafile

1. Select New Datafile... in the File menu (or type command-N). The New Datafile window will open.

2. If you want a freeform-only datafile, just click the Finish button. Unlike iData 1, fields can be added to a freeform datafile later, using the Modify Fields command in the Fields Sub-menu, under the Edit menu.

3. If you would like to add fields, click Insert Field or type command-i.

4. Type a name for the field. You can add as many fields as you like. Fields can be rearranged by dragging a field name up or down in the list. The Show checkbox determines whether the field will show in List View. All fields will show in Basic View.

Fields can be added, deleted, rearranged, or renamed at any time in the future, using the Modify Fields command.

5. When you are done adding fields, click the Finish button. The new datafile will open and ask for a name to save it with. (Note that iData 3 datafiles must have an .id3 file name extension. Finder Preferences has a setting that controls whether file extensions are seen in the Finder. If the name shown in the Save As: field includes ".id3", be sure not to remove it.)

The suggested location is in the iData 3 Datafiles folder. If you save the datafile in this location, it will appear in the Datafiles menu.

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