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The programmer/publisher of iData Pro and iData Mobile Plus has retired. There are no remaining iData Partners.

Please see the Transition Guide for the most up-to-date information. There is a link to the Transition Guide under the Help menu beginning with iData 4.0.49.

NEW    It turns out that it is not too difficult to copy iData Pro datafiles to display in Apple Notes. It will be important to copy the latest versions of all of your datafiles to Notes prior to each update to a new version of Mac OS. That way, if you cannot open iData Pro 4 in the new OS, you will at least have your data.

I've created a separate web page to explain how to do this. Click HERE.

iData™ Mobile Plus is a flexible, easy-to-use database application that lets you organize, manage, and keep track of any kind of information that you need to have available at all times, such as lists, inventories, and rosters, as well as sets of random information of all kinds.

Create as many datafiles as you like. Each datafile can have its own structure, and as many records as you need. A record will have a Notes area, along with any fields you specified when you created the datafile. The Notes area can contain styled text and embedded images.

Use record filtering and/or text searches to locate your data in a datafile.

Add a password and Touch ID as an extra layer of protection for your datafiles.

Synchronize to iData Pro 4 on the Mac. You can perform most of your heavy data entry on the Mac, then synchronize over your WiFi network. Or, synchronize via Dropbox. You can also use iTunes file sharing to move datafiles between your mobile device and the Mac over USB.

iData Mobile Plus replaces the old iData Mobile. Users of the original iData Mobile should read about converting their .idm datafiles to work with iData Mobile Plus here.

iData Mobile Plus includes a detailed online iData Mobile Plus User Guide. Click the link to see it.

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